When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?

Watch the full Always commercial that seeks to answer this question.

The part that gets me is at the end of the commercial, when they ask one of the first ladies if she had a chance to do her demonstration of “running like a girl” over again, what would she do differently and she says, “I would run like myself.” I legit cried.

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the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand

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Make no mistake, when school administrators patrol hallways checking out the legs, arms, shoulders and skin of 10- and 11-year-old girls, and micromanaging their appearance, they are objectifying them and encouraging them to self-objectify in the same way that popular media or purity cultures do.
Soraya Chemaly, School Dress Codes: The Funny-Not-Funny Video You Have to See (via joffi)

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Reasons I’m Ignoring you:

1. You’re annoying.

2. You suck at texting.

3. You suck at life.

4. Your last message was (K.)

5. I’d rather watch paint dry.

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